Emphasising our complete range of services and close studio collaboration, our work with Lamborghini led to the development of some truly stunning exterior lighting for their show car, closely followed by a full production version which we still make today.

The challenge was to make the lighting signature for this car bold that stands out alongside its competitors in any environment. The sculptured headlamp that delivers all the necessary performance and legal requirements expected of global production car. The tail lamp uses Bee Lighting hidden until lit technology where all the normal lighting functions are out of site until needed, this can only be achieved because of our unique skill set in engineering, optical design, electronic design and the necessary global legal lighting requirements.


The challenge was to deliver world class lighting signatures that matched the bold Veneno vehicle styling. The headlamp solution was to develop a sculptured 3D signature that was completely smooth and homogenous, to appear effortlessly crafted from solid that when viewed from each and every viewing angle it remains immaculate. The rear lamp signature was to use hidden until lit technology so the lamp merges with the body work.

It appears effortlessly achieved but like some many wonderful technical crafted solutions the intelligence and expertise to deign this for production was far from straight forward. We achieved this using our unique expertise in optical design and simulation techniques to quickly develop from several concepts to a final virtual solution, working very closely with out experts in vehicle lighting legals, mechanical design and electronics we produced working prototypes to prove the final concept was ready for production. All of this takes a high level of knowledge, experience and communication. A great team effort.

Innovative manufacturing

Recognising that quality and cost are an important part of efficient modern lighting design the Lamborghini Venano project emphasises Bee Lighting’s expertise in finding the right fit solutions to meet the financial targets but do not compromise on performance and quality. In this situation the use of very low cost tooling and manufacturing solutions matched carefully with off tool mouldings once built together demonstrate the perfect solutions for low volume production cars.

Quick overview

We designed, tested and today manufacture all exterior lighting – Tier 1 supplier to Lamborghini.

We collaborated closely with the studio team and produced all exterior lighting for the show car.

World class Daytime Running Light and floating tail signature, using our hidden until lit technology.

High quality but carefully selected low cost manufacturing techniques.

To visit the factory and help introduce the lamps for the first time to the Veneno was a career highlight, what a car!

Richard Walsh
Technical Specialist, Bee