We're proud to be part of this prestigious and innovative Jaguar concept car that required multiple exterior lamps that were fully show car functional but also durable and robust to cope with the rigours of vehicle testing.

This project exploited our understanding of LED technology, materials and unique innovations to deliver a powerful set of lamps for a super car with unique LED technology and a world first remote LED cooling system to cater for a very small vehicle package. The C-X75 instantly succeeded self writing so many articles around the world, an important part of the exterior design language was the superb signature LED lighting and immaculate finished lamps, the effortless nature of lighting is testament to the attention to detail put into each and every lamp.

The story of our relationship with this project didn’t stop, we were invited to support the James Bond film Spectre with several models of our C-X75 lamps to allow this beautiful car to perform on film. It was a delight to see our work on the big screen even if it was for the bond villain.

LED technology & thermal management

Led lighting has a unique thermal characteristic that needs careful management through design of the component parts around the light source, how we design and manage the electronics and power consumption controlling the LED lighting. Finally for maximum continuous LED performance and LED longevity the C-X75 project required Bee Lighting develop a world first solution, the team had a very small package to work with due to the close proximity of the wheel tyre envelope, all normal countermeasures would not work.

We therefore had to exploit our knowledge of the many different technologies to achieve a unique remote cooling system, in this situation we pumped heat away from the light source to a location outside of the lamp, the result was a complete success.



We are very proud to be associated with the James Bond film Spectre – as we were asked to continue our association with C-X75 project and develop several exterior lamps for the Bond villain car, our LED front and rear lighting on the big screen was amazing to see even if it was for Blofeld!

More facts

– Studio rendering to full prototype exterior lighting
– Design and manufacture
– All LED Exterior Lighting Technology
– CHMSL incorporating charge status
– Strong unique DRL and Tail signatures
– Infeasibly small package
– Industry first – remote headlamp cooling system
– Special build lamp set for SPECTRE Bond Car



Quick overview

This was a show car with a difference, fully working, robust and durable for vehicle testing.

We designed and manufactured numerous sets of exterior lighting including a unique CHMSL with a charge indicator.

All LED exterior lighting technology had a unique remote headlamp cooling system to support infeasibly small package.

Strong unique DRL and tail signatures.

Industry first – Special build lamp set for the SPECTRE Bond Car!

The package was a real challenge but we got there together with innovative design and a tremendous team effort.

Paul Crees
Director, Bee