Lighting the way

Design & engineering

A beautiful balance of design and engineering, function and form – delivered with finesse.

Designed to attract

Our products are imaginatively designed and engineered for performance, but they look good, too. That’s because our designers have a sharp eye for aesthetics, using their creative flair to balance the conflicting requirements of cost, function and ease of manufacturing with realising an aesthetically pleasing product.

Working with numerous premium brands, we’re used to producing designs that take a realistic approach to function and economy while embodying quality and style. In realising those designs, our responsive work process is underpinned and enhanced by our collaborative approach to working, which brings a fusion of skills to each project by involving designers, engineers, stylists and manufacturers at every stage, from concept sketch to finished product.

Engineered to last

Our engineers are at their happiest when they’re finding new ways to meet the challenge of creating enduring products while reducing manufacturing costs. They’re skilled at optimising product development to increase product lifespan and provide maximum value, and that means we can help you bring a product to market in record time. That said, you can rest assured that every product we design and develop is precision engineered to stand the test of time.

Problem solved for
the Lamborghini Veneno

Our work with Lamborghini led to the development of some truly stunning exterior lighting for their show car, closely followed by a full production version which we still make today.

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