Behind the success of our projects is the passion, determination and expertise of our world-class team.

Design team

Our design team is led by experienced lighting designers who’ve gained their knowledge and experience from working in the biggest automotive lighting companies across the globe. They’re rightly proud of the work they do, thriving on every challenge to design robust yet beautiful designs that push the boundaries of production possibilities to the limit. It’s that drive to succeed that makes our design team world-class.


Engineering team

Our engineering team brings to life the concepts developed by our designers, delivering well-considered practicality in an efficient, cost-controlled manner. Thanks to their knowledge of the entire product lifecycle, they’re able to optimise every aspect of product development to provide maximum value. Like everyone in the Bee Lighting team, our engineers are constantly looking for ways to ensure that a great design becomes an even better reality.


Manufacturing team

Driven by quality and a meticulous attention to detail, our manufacturing team love what they do and have a stunning portfolio to prove it across the automotive, marine and aerospace sectors. The team are experienced with working in Six Sigma and conforming to QS 9001 manufacture, so you can rest assured your project is in safe hands and will be delivered above and beyond your expectations.


Paul Crees

Paul Crees

Managing Director

Co­-founder Paul Crees comes from a family of engineers. Thriving on pushing the boundaries of design he brings 12 years of product and automotive lighting design to lead the team at Bee.

At university, Paul studied Computer Aided Product Design and worked on his final year project in vehicle lighting with his first employer, Raydyot Ltd. Moving to Hella in the UK becoming a Lead Designer, he gained a product patent and worked on projects ranging from Ferrari Enzo to leading Jaguar S-Type rear lamp and Range Rover 06 Model Year head lamp. Then on to an Oxford based prototype company as Design Manager for one offs to low volume.

Paul is particularly dedicated to forming a bridge between styling and engineering; as he puts it, “making the impossible possible”. He is very proud of his team’s work on all Bee’s projects with prestigious brands and cars like the Lamborghini Veneno driving him to new concepts and ideas in this challenging industry.

Colin Fulford

Colin Fulford

Operations Director

Colin Fulford brings a decade of practical design experience to his role as a founding director of Bee Lighting. His flexible approach and can­ do attitude have been instrumental in shaping the way the team as a whole approaches projects.

Prior to founding Bee Lighting, Colin spent five years working as a Lead Designer at Hella in the UK, where he worked on the Jaguar S­-Type rear lamp and the Ford Fusion headlamp, as well as being lead designer on the Jaguar XK headlamp. He also has experience working as General Manager at an Oxford­ based prototyping company alongside Paul.

Colin says that his favourite part of working in this industry is the fact that he gets to work on the latest designs. He’s most proud of his work on show cars, having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious vehicle brands, including Bentley, Lamborghini, McLaren and Jaguar Land Rover.